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Pasnpnla included in the Gtmdikota slma of the Udsvyagiri-
rajya to Hande Kadambaraya as an umnwU. KadaraUiraya
granted in bis turn to liis lUrynka^^ Kali Tirama Xayadn,
Cina-Pas upula, a village at a distance of two miles from Peds-
Vasnpula. Although Peda-Pasupula was nv^er ths liaya, the
Hande chief usurped its adi«iyiistrat;o:i, &s lie wj.s* vc-ry pr/wer-
ful and had a gams-vs at Cr-ia-Pasr^vula.

In £. 5. 1500 Balr,idi;r.iiya. while Srirafcgaraja r^as govern-
ing the kingdom. Malild Yib'ioram i:ivad:-fl the '-ountrj* Tvith
the assistance of the Hande chief. Tlie invaders c4ar^ed great
coramotion throiig-hotit the country, plundered ar:d ransjck&d
(the villages) a:.d attacked Ahobalam where they ruined the
temples. The Jlyaiigar of Aliobalam. having repaired to Pernv
gonda, remonstrated with ^riranga. •* Although Your Majesty
is on the throne, mean wretches lifee the Turakas leaving
entered the country, mined the temple of Ahobala, Your
Majesty's tutelary god. It is not proper that Your Majesty
should be an indifferent witness/' Thereupon at the instance
of the Raya, Ramaraju and Ventataraju marched with an
arrav and expelled Maliki Ibharam and the Hande chief from
the country. Then the village of Pasupula had come under
the control of the crown onc^ again.

As the tyrainiy of the pal^ifjars increased considerably,
Jfandela XarasiiDharaja bnilt, by the command of ?ruaftga-
raya, a fort in the village of Peda-Pasnpnla where he posted a

0                                                          J?ai/fa* 0/ P«3a'P**#p«fa : t. -*?. 9, j»p. 177-83-

200 (tf).

Maharajadhiraja Paramerivara 8rl Vtrapratapa §rl Ranga-
deva Maharaya ascended the throne and on Kartika su 10 of
llvara corresponding to S.S. U99, he granted to Jatakarma

son of Jifirtanda, the village of Gorizavolu as a
sarvamawf* agrahara. Then Hazarat Vibhuram Pldupah, having
become powerful collected an urmy^ on tae other side of the
Krs^a, with the object of conquering ^rlraftgarSya, the PlduSIha
of KarnEtaka, and annexing such forts as Yimiko$4a and